Best Beaches in Buenos Aires for Total Solar Eclipse 2019

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There are pleasant beaches near Buenos Aires apart from the wilderness, wine, jagged peaks, and glaciated mountains. So start planning your trip and your itinerary to avoid any logistic hassles. The maximum period of the total eclipse total solar eclipse 2019 is at least four-and-a-half minutes. So don’t wander too far away on the sunny beaches as the path of totality carves a swath in the capital’s sky. Because you can look forward to viewing every bit of the next total eclipse on July 2, 2019, in South America.


Artificial and Natural Beaches

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In Buenos Aires, urban dwellers are friendly and resourceful when you need it most. There’s so much scenery to enjoy from the vibrant hues of colonial architecture to the natural landscapes of Argentina. Yet, people often wonder why there are no beaches within the capital of Argentina. Especially, when the widest river, the Rio de la Plata, is located right next to the city.


Although authorities have established two summer-friendly artificial beaches in Buenos Aires, it’s worthwhile to visit the natural beaches. They offer more attractions for tourists. Tourist guides are pretty reliable in Buenos Aires. They offer a range of accommodations, transportation, and tourist locations at reasonable prices.

Partido de la Costa

One of the most beautiful beaches is located in in the north of Argentina in Partido de la Costa. It takes over 4 hours to travel by road from Buenos Aires. The town is easily accessible and stretches from the Costa Esmeralda through San Clemente del Tuyú.


There are sensational activities at cheap prices when you visit this beach with kids. The town also offers quiet seaside resorts and decent accommodation for tourists. There are more beach goers at weekends with their families than on regular work days. The total solar eclipse 2019 falls on a weekday, so you can enjoy every bit of it from the summer sands.


Mar del Plata and Pinamar

The town of Mar del Plata holds beaches that are within reach from Buenos Aires. It’s 5 hours by bus from the capital city, and it’s nicknamed ‘La Feliz’ because of its variety of bars. In the summer, thousands of urban dwellers migrate from Buenos Aires to the lively town of Mardel. There’s a different side to social attractions with modern theaters and casinos. You can unwind after catching memorable moments under the path of totality. Even at night, the ocean city of Mar del Plata never sleeps.

Towns Worth Visiting

Although accommodations cost more in the iconic city, it’s still worth visiting. There are large beaches with volleyball, football courts and peaceful resorts in the coastal town of Villa Gesell. Mar Azul, Mar de las Pampas, and Las Gaviotas are upscale tourist locations with nightlife, good restaurants, and decent accommodations. Villa Gesell is 4 hours away from Buenos Aires. You can regain your energy by spending time on the colorful beaches after a long flight.


Activities for the Whole Family

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The kind of beach you visit determines your holiday experience in Argentina for the total solar eclipse 2019. Water fountain playgrounds, sand castles, and inflatables are extra side attractions for children. There are other breath-taking landscapes when you travel down the southern roads of Buenos Aires. You’ll experience beautiful lakes, penguins on the coast, waterfalls with rainbows, Patagonia horse riders, and glaciers on mountain peaks. Travel by road to enjoy the serenity of Buenos Aires’ landscape, and don’t forget to take some pictures for Instagram.


Every year, tourists visit the cities of Argentina to ski and hike down the foothills of the rocky peaks.

If you these activities aren’t your style then settle for some sunbathing, quad bike racing, or enjoy live music on the beach and dance the night away.


One of the most famous beaches near Buenos Aires is the city of Pinamar. Apart from having iconic casinos and hotels; tanning, fishing, dune surfing, windsurfing, and jet skiing are inspiring activities that happen on the beaches of Pinamar. The seaside town of Pinamar is home to models, politicians and wealthy locals; it’s an opportunity for celebrity spotting.


Southern Beaches in Necochea

The city of Necochea might be 8 hours from Buenos Aires. However, it has the nicest beach and a colony of fishing villages in the south of Argentina. Check online for tour services that offer transportation accommodations. Necochea’s seaside is filled with beach umbrellas, quad bikes, and volleyball courts. Its fine sand along the coast is great for horse riding, walking, and biking! Enjoy the company of surfers on high waves and dancers in the sands.


When you go exploring the summer-friendly beaches near Buenos Aires; enjoy a day or two in dance classes the next day. The typical South American tango is offered to beginners and professionals alike. Most dance classes happen during the day, but at night there are hardly any crowds. The nightlife in Buenos Aires is pleasant.


Enjoy the trip of a lifetime in Buenos Aires and book your tickets now to watch the total solar eclipse 2019.

Check NASA for the latest solar news.

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