5 Things to Do While in Buenos Aires for 2019 Solar Eclipse

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5 Things to Do While in Buenos Aires for 2019 Solar Eclipse

Eclipse chasing will be easy for inhabitants of Buenos Aires because they have settled in the city before the due date. If you don’t live in Argentina, perhaps it’s a good excuse to add South America to your list of holiday destinations. Scientists have given the dates for the 2019 solar eclipse track across the Pacific to South America.


Apart from eclipse watching, tourists can engage in other activities while in Buenos Aires for the 2019 total solar eclipse. Apart from Buenos Aires, Bellavista, San Juan, and some parts of Mendoza will also experience the eclipse. However, the path of totality falls above parts of northern Argentina.


The path of the 2019 solar eclipse totality covers many cities that have attractive sites to occupy tourists for days but you can enjoy a week long vacation exploring and indulging in the sites of Buenos Aires. This spectacular city of South America is filled with a display of 20th-century architecture, crazy football fans, amazing steaks, and red wine.


Play Football

eclipse football

Unlike in the English premier league where weekends have exciting football fixtures, it’s not the same in Buenos Aires. Football fixtures run through weekdays; catch some action at the stadium. Depending on your hotel location, it’s easy to catch a train from the Retiro station to the city’s stadium. Football fans in Argentina are full of positive vibes. The stadium’s ambiance is a classic; you’ll find graffiti and acrylic paintings of football icons (icons like Diego Maradona, Gabriel Batistuta, and Lionel Messi) everywhere.


Get good accommodations around the popular La Boca area and Caminito Street. You will appreciate the beauty of colors and football stories. Join a local early morning team. Usually, they start playing after choosing their set and rotate the play after every winner emerges.



Try the sensational flavors of the local food, starting with asado. Asado is a barbecued beef that’s served with vino. Red wine and beef is the cosmopolitan lifestyle of outdoor diners. Argentina holds the record of the world’s largest beef export in South America. Asado forms the Argentine culture of entertaining guests. La Cabrera is known to have some the best Asado. Enjoying a meal of spiced steak and local red wine after catching a moment of the solar eclipse is a wonderful treat.


Enjoy Tango

It’s never too late to learn a few steps of tango. Tango lessons are common in Argentina and are seen all throughout local clubs and bars. So enjoy a drink, cool off in the breezy night air and dance the night away. There’s a good chance that the bar will be filled with tango dancers.

Take a Kayak Adventure

The port of Tigre is less than an hour away from Buenos Aires and offers some of the world’s best kayaking routes. With warm waters and beautiful plant life, tourists can enjoy watching the many wild birds that hover in the trees from herons to hummingbirds. You can expect to see all manner of creatures in the trees and in the water.


Visit the Beach

Kayack eclipse

Enjoy the weekend on the fine sands of the beaches in San Isidro. You’ll enjoy the warm temperature and cool breeze. In the southern towns of Buenos Aires, there are more beautiful beaches. Along the coast, sun-bathing is the most popular pastime. The waters are warm and inviting. There is a multitude of beaches to choose from around Buenos Aires. So find the one closest to you and don’t forget to pack your towels.

Take in the View and the Night Life

Apart from museums and beautiful landscapes, European architecture dots the city’s many landmarks and historic neighborhood in Buenos Aires. At night, the city lights up to reveal its bright colors. At night you’d find markets, stores, restaurants, salons, and bars in business. The city never sleeps. You can find night-crawlers still moving about in the early hours of the morning.


With so many exciting things to do in Buenos Aires, you can bet you’ll never want to leave. So book your trips now for the total 2019 solar eclipse and make your next vacation a memorable one.

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