We Are A Global Supplier of Solar Eclipse Gear and Glasses

Wholesale Solar Eclipse Glasses Direct From The Manufacture

Eclipse Gear is your direct to manufacture one stop solution for one time disposable solar eclipse glasses and ISO certified Sun Safe viewers. We work directly with international film suppliers and handle the safest CE approved gear on the market. We specialize in custom marketing solutions for solar events all around the world. We’re currently taking custom orders for the July 2nd, 2019 South America total solar eclipse that will be viewable in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil and into Columbia.

 Solar Eclipse Path of Totality in South America July 2019

Eclipse Gear can customize educational materials, books, maps and child size solar glasses with your company logo and trade dress so that your customers can experience these once-in-a-lifetime events. Production time for orders of over one million units can be up to 90 days, please see our contact page to begin the design process.

Solar Eclipse Books, Maps and Educational Content For Children

We can pair educational content with Sun Safe solar viewers for elementary age kids, middle school age children and create more advanced curriculum for science and astronomy classes.
Pairing Educational Content with ISO Certified Solar Glasses For Kids

We also offer bulk solar viewing gear through our partnership with Lunt Solar Systems which gives us access to an even larger selection of viewers, solar telescopes and sun related products.  Lunt is an industry leader and U.S. based manufacture with their primary facility located in Tucson, Arizona that designs, fabricates, assembles, and tests solar telescopes and solar filters. Lunt occupies about 7,000 square feet of space in an industrial park located right off the main freeway at I-10 and Grant Road.

We know the sun!  Eclipse Gear is located in sunny Tucson, Arizona about 50 miles from the US/Mexico border. Tucson has about 300 clear days per year.

The staff at Eclipse Gear has been been active in the solar industry testing these products for almost 20 years. Safety is our number one priority.  We takes safety very seriously, and the testing of any solar viewing item should be done by a person who can take full responsibility for the safety and performance of a solar product, and who understands the design and function of all safety elements. The person testing products should have the experience necessary to determine whether a unit actually passes or fails the quality control criteria.

No Other Astronomical Product Requires a Higher Level of Quality Control Than a Solar Instrument.


Eclipse Gear is your direct to manufacture one stop solution for one time disposable solar eclipse glasses and ISO certified Sun Safe viewers.
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