2019 Eclipse South America5 Best Observatories to Visit in Chile for 2019 Total Solar Eclipse

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Chile has established itself as a worldwide capital for astrotourism since it has the best skies for stargazing on Earth. 40% of the worldwide framework for exploring the skies is found in Chile for 2019. Which draws in researchers from around the world to utilize their broad telescopes to watch the stars and discover new cosmic systems.

Chile’s northern drift offers the perfect platform for star-gazing with its absence of precipitation, low-to-zero light contamination & clear skies.



Here are the 5 best locations in Chile for 2019 where you can enjoy a window to the universe.

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1.Mamalluca Observatory

Roosted on a separated peak only a couple of miles from Vicuña, the Mamalluca Observatory is one of the Elqui Valley’s greatest vacation spots. It possesses a powerful Meade unit (16-inches) housed in its very own arch & outdoor telescopes. Guests can take an Andean Worldview Tour which highlights the Andean people’s culture. Tours start every day from 6:30 pm in winter and 8:30 pm in summer.  You can visit the observatory by private vehicles and mini-buses that leave from Gabriela Mistral Avenue in Vicuña.


2.Collowara Observatory

Notes as one of the most popular tourist and astronomical sites, the Collowara Observatory is located near the town of Andacollo. A group of expert specialists in astronomy and other space-focused sciences built the observatory. It has a delightful architectural style & excellent perception equipment.


The primary perception arch has a 14-inch Cassegrain Smith telescope. A meeting & screening space for almost 54 individuals, three porches that have cross-molded observation towards the east with a view of the Gemini & Tololo Observatories. Here, you can discover a 16-inch Dobsonian telescope and two programmed 10-inch Smith Newtonian telescopes.


3.Pangue Observatory

The Pangue observatory is close in proximity to Mamalluca. It has an extensive variety of projects and programs. The most visited program is the 2-hour Astro Tour; offered in English, Spanish or French. Astronomers, either professional or amateur, have the chance to book a customized visit that enables them to access the observatory’s telescopes for an entire night. Since the area is devoid of any light contamination, the Pangue Observatory is perfect for telescope viewing and planetary watching.

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4.Mayu Observatory

The Mayu Observatory has perhaps the most interesting history. Described as the brainchild of a pioneering priest who needed to fortify the ties among religion & science. The Mayu Observatory is 18 km from the provincial center of La Serena. This observatory has a house of prayer alongside its 14-inch telescope. It receives guests from Monday to Saturday somewhere between 8.30pm and 10.30pm.


5.Southern Cross or Cruz del Sur Observatory

Close to the city of Coquimbo, the Cruz del Sur Observatory is one of the greatest cosmic attractions of South America. Created with contributions from the University of Chile, it consists of various vaults containing great 16-inch telescopes & all around prepared exhibition rooms.


As you vacation in Chile for 2019 total solar eclipse, be sure to order your solar glasses ahead of time. So you will be hooked by the beauty of the cosmos, experienced and perceived from Chile’s astronomical paradise. For news of the Sun, see NASA.

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