5 Must See Places While in Buenos Aires for the 2019 Solar Eclipse

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Over 99 percent of sunlight will be obstructed at 0° near Buenos Aires. The northeast of Argentina is unique for wine-tasting activities and offers the chance of a lifetime to view the total 2019 solar eclipse.

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The Mendoza region of Argentina produces some of the most famous wines in the country. Interested tourists don’t need to worry about travel logistics when there are reliable guided tours in the city of Buenos Aires. So book your plane tickets now and visit the beautiful city of Buenos Aires for the 2019 solar eclipse.


Looking to kill some time before the July 2nd 2019 solar eclipse date? Here are five must-see sites in Buenos Aires.


Tigre Art Museum

The distance from Buenos Aires to the northern town of Tigre is only a train ride away. The route to Tigre usually takes around 40 minutes. Suprisingly, apart from the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (National Museum of Fine Arts) in Buenos Aires, the Tigre Art Museum offers some of the world’s greatest art exhibits.

The Tigre Art Museum holds a collection of beautiful crafts and antiques that tell stories of Argentina’s fascinating history. It was originally constructed as a social club for Argentine aristocrats but has become an inclusive space for artists from all walks of life.

craft market

Looking to get out into the great outdoors? You can enjoy outdoor activities like shopping at the crafts market. Tigre is known for its art driven street markets. There you’ll find local artists dotted along the road. Purchase some local artwork to take back home with you and don’t forget to hang it on your walls. After all, they make great conversation starters.


El Caminito

The El Caminito, translated into “Little Street,” is a popular street museum in Buenos Aires. Its history started in the mid-20th century when local artists in the community collaborated with world-renowned artist, Benito Quinquela Martín. This is when the local artists came together to decorate the street with local art. Today, the lively little walkway is home to several art markets and the open air tango museum. During the day, this brightly-painted walkway is filled with local artists displaying their crafts. It’s a major tourist attraction that every traveler says you must visit.


Boca Juniors Stadium

Visit the lively neighborhood of La Boca to appreciate the display of multicolored buildings. The people of La Boca are excited to welcome tourists with outdoor bars, tasty cuisines, tango shows, and cultural centers. The city has Italian roots and its architecture is full of bright colors and innovative structures. It’s also home to the famous stadium in La Boca, also known as La Bombonera. You don’t have to be a football fan to experience the fun of Argentina football. During the league season, there are live games that attract thousands of supporters every week to La Bombonera.


Buenos Aires boasts of the stadium as the Boca Juniors Club has featured famous players.  Moreover, the gigantic structure of the stadium is decorated with traditional colors of blue and yellow. Additionally, the architecture of the stadium forms its box of chocolate shape, hence the name La Bombonera. What’s not to love about a stadium shaped like a box of chocolate? Apart from being a unique landmark, Boca fans add their incredible passion and devotion to the thrill of the city. You can get tickets online to watch live football matches.


Recoleta Cemetery

Notably, Argentina is filled with beautiful people, European-styled architectures, natural landscapes, tasty wine, and food. The local artists are hardworking, and you’ll find this to be true when you visit the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires. It’s a maze of tombs with astonishing statutes and pristine surroundings. It’s history dates back to the early 20th century when many hand-carved statues were sourced from Italy to build a distinctive cemetery for the social elites of the time.

The tombs are one of the popular tourist locations in Junín and they are built with stone houses next to miniature churches. Amazingly, the Recoleta Cemetery has over 6,500 statues, all of which are kept in practically mint condition.

El Palacio de Agua Corrientes

Translated to, “The Palace of Flowing Waters” this water pumping station is one of the most beautiful historic buildings in Buenos Aires. Located in the same neighborhood as the Recoleta, it is an excellent example of the ornate architecture that was prized by the social elites of the city’s past. Incredibly, it has a striking presence and was built with 300,000 bricks that were imported from Britain in the late 19th century. El Palacio de Agua Corrientes was established in 1894 and is still considered to be one of the most elegant man made structures in the world.

Finally, when you’re in Buenos Aires for the 2019 solar eclipse, be sure to pack your solar eclipse glasses so you can view safely.

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