5 Best Things to do in La Serena for the Total Solar Eclipse 2019

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The Chilean town of La Serena is famous for many things from an observatory to glacier-covered mountain peaks. In fact, the next South American total solar eclipse will be visible in La Serena! The total solar eclipse of 2019 will be in La Serena, Chile, as the city falls under the path of totality. So don’t forget to plan your next vacation, and take the chance of getting more bang for your buck.

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Chile’s Elqui valley is one of the most diverse places on Earth. It’s one of the best photography sites in the world. It’s filled with all manner of wildlife and it’s a stone’s throw away from one of the greatest producers of wine, Santiago.


For those who just want to travel all across Chile, there are endless activities to choose from. Take in the sights of local architecture in the coastal town of La Serena. Follow the Elqui river as it flows north to the coastal area. There you’ll find wide beaches, distilleries, vineyards, hiking trails, and the city’s best breweries.


A Day at the Beach

The coasts of La Serena have some of the world’s loveliest beaches. The waters may be chilly, but surfers rave about it. With its fine sand, the beach is perfect for activities like quad bike racing, horse riding, basketball, and volleyball. La Serena has spacious beaches fit for everyone.

Enjoy Local Flavors

vineyard solar eclipse

La Serena, is known for having vineyards scattered across the valleys. The region’s grapes and berries are rich in health benefits and are stored, regularly, in wine bottles. Pisco Elqui is a Chilean village with a 

small population and gorgeous scenery. The town is famous for its distilleries and spirit vendors. Some of the locals offer free shots of these spirits to tourists.

You’ll find hundreds of stargazers and cosmic event enthusiasts in the Elqui Valley enjoying the flavor of Pisco. Pisco is a locally distilled spirit with a high alcohol content. You’ll find it in many clubs and bars. Pisco is a common ingredient in many mixed drinks. The Piscola is a classic mixed drink of Pisco and Coca Cola. It tends to appeal to those who occasionally enjoy an alcoholic beverage. You can also find pisco drinks mixed with bright citrus juices, giving it a tantalizing taste for patrons to enjoy, like the pisco sour.

Ask your local tour guide or use the map to find the nearest distillery from your location, and enjoy the nightlife.


Luck be a Lady

Are you looking to win big? There are budget-friendly accommodations in hotels that have casino rooms with bar services. Play the slots, poker, roulette, and all manner of other games. There are several hotels with casinos in the south of La Serena. This part of town is lively and open almost every hour of the day. Nightlife is amazing when you don’t worry about transportation. Take a taxi from town or the location of your hotel and visit the casinos.


Visit the National Humboldt Penguin Reserve eclipse

Off the coast of the Pacific is a sanctuary for one of the world’s most adorable animals, penguins. So take the chance, this holiday season to watch penguins play at the islands of National Humboldt Penguin Reserve. There are other sea creatures apart from Humboldt penguins but since they are an endangered species, they are nurtured at the reserve. The National Humboldt Penguin Reserve has served tourists and Chileans for almost 30 years. Book a reservation with online local tour companies in La Serena.


Of course, penguins aren’t the only animals you’ll see. The islands of Isla Choros, Isla Damas, and Isla Chañaral are homes to whales, dolphins, and sea lions.


Climb Mountains and Step into History

Hiking and mountaineering are common outdoor activities on the rocky slopes of Chile. Spend the weekend after catching the July eclipse and climb the famous Cerro Las Tórtolas (Turtle Dove Mountain). It’s accessible from the Elqui Valley. There are waterfalls, hot springs, and the historic isles of the Inca all around the mountain.


Chileans have a rich indigenous history. The Incan High Sanctuary still has landmark features of ‘tambos’ (Inca lodges). Enjoy the mountain view as you gaze down the remains of the Inca courts and kingdom. If after climbing you feel tired, there’s a resting place with cool temperatures at the Cerro Las Tórtolas. So step into history and take in the fresh mountain air.

Before you go to La Serena, be sure to get your solar eclipse glasses so you can view the Sun safely.

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