Take An Astro Tour in Elqui Valley for 2019 Solar Eclipse

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Are you an astronomer? Maybe you’re a beginner? Maybe you’re a student? Well, you might be aware that your local universities have some great observatories but did you know that the most stunning observatories exist in the Elqui Valley of Chile?


Aside from being known as a world-renowned wine region, Elqui Valley i2019 solar eclipses an ultimate destination for astrologers. Located in the North Santiago, and to the southern end of the Atacama Desert in the Coquimbo region, the Elqui Valley is a transparent window to the universe.


Elqui Valley is known for organizing “astrotours,” cited by many scientists and media firms as being a once in a lifetime opportunity.


So what can you explore in your Astro tour to Elqui Valley in Chile?


Enjoy the Nights

Elqui Valley is known for their clear skies that make you feel that you have actually opened your window to the universe, offering an exceptional view of the stars. Furthermore, the nights in Elqui Valley are magical and attract visitors with its one-of-a-kind panorama. When you step out of your tents and look at the sky, you will find diverse celestial bodies, observe constellations, various shooting stars and much more.


Additionally, with the uptick in the number of visitors, many agencies have been developed in La Serena, San Pedro de Atacama, and Equi Valley itself, offering fantastic accommodations to the tourists.



Stargazing is what Equi Valley is known for! Apart from the fact that Elqui Valley has the clearest skies, you will come across the world’s best wildlife, geography, and climate to marvel at on your astrotour.


Moreover, if you want a mesmerizing experience of stargazing and truly connect yourself with mother nature, Equi Valley is an ideal destination that is far away from cities hustle-bustle, enabling you to enjoy the world’s natural beauty.


You will have a seamless experience of shooting stars, constellations and planets, and analyzing various zodiac signs.


And to have a closer experience in stargazing, you can go Astrotrek or to the mountaintop, which is just one hour away from the village of Pisco Elqui.


Equipped with Amazing Technology

Equi Valley is specifically recognized for its astrotourism. Therefore, many Astro resear


ch centers have been established there. If you want to reach the stars, only Chile makes that possible. This place has enticed scientists from across the world to conduct daily research.


Around 40 international universities, as well as private and public observatories, have been built on the land of Equi Valley. The vast number of these organizations provides astrotourists with countless tools to carry out their research seamlessly.


For the more experienced astronomer, you might have heard of the , the world’s largest astronomical project on Earth. ALMA has its laboratories and control room in Equi Valley. Amazingly, the organization has an exceptional telescope, made up of a range of 66 meticulous antennas. This antenna array is located 5000 meters above the sea level near San Pedro Atacama. ALMA is a must-visit destination for graduates as it helps them to develop their skills with excellent materials.


The Elqui Valley offers top-notch observatories to astrotourists which includes La Silla Observatory. It is in the northern region of Coquimbo along with the Gemini Sur Observatory.


This observatory belongs to the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA), which is run by Canada, US, Argentina, and Chile. Chiefly, the observatory began in 2002, with one goal in mind, to give astrologers a deep exploration of the universe.  In fact this observatory is considered one of the best contemporary observatories in the world. It’s equipped with high-quality tools and technology to make visitors’ experiences unforgettable.

Come and Visit Elqui Valley

Elqui Valley is an ideal destination for beginners to explore their studies and discover new aspects of the universe. So buy your plane ticket today and go online to book your first astrotour!

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