5 Best Things to do in Mazatlán, Mexico

November 28, 2018by Eclipse Gear0

Mazatlán is a coastal city in Sinaloa and has been an attraction for foreign tourists for many years due to the enormous amount of things to do. It was created a century ago, but its popularity increased when Plaza Machado became a socializing spot for Hollywood celebrities. It’s a beautiful city packed with museums, historical landmarks, and tourist spots.
One can never get bored when they come to Mazatlán because there are so many things to do and see. If you’re planning a trip to Mazatlán then make sure to add the following in your ‘Things to do in Mazatlán’ list:

Watch a show at Angela Peralta Theatre

One of the most elegant buildings located at the heart of Mazatlán is the Angela Peralta Theatre which was built between 1869 and 1874 and named after the famous Mexican opera singer Angela Paralta. The theatre has had a rough past as it was struck by a hurricane which left it destroyed. But 18 years later it was reconstructed. This theatre has been the most popular tourist spot for many years and is always the priority when it comes to things to do in Mazatlán. Anyone can visit the theatre to know more about its past and to catch a show of opera, ballet or cultural performance.Things to do in Mazatlan

Visit the Mazatlán Aquarium

The Mazatlán aquarium is the only aquarium located on Mexico’s Pacific coast and should definitely be considered when deciding the things to do in Mazatlán. It has a collection of over 200 species of fish including sharks, eels, octopuses, and stingrays. These species live in the Pacific ocean as well as other regions across the globe. It was constructed between 1978 -1980. You can also enjoy an outdoor environment as there is a botanical garden within the building. It’s definitely a must see.

Visit the beach

Mazatlán is filled with beaches and so should be your ‘Things to do in Mazatlán’ list. And each beach is unique and has its own facilities. The most popular beach is the Ollas Atlas beach for people who want to go surfing. Whereas the Los Pinos beach is quiet and calm. It allows you to spend some time peacefully just lying down and enjoying the sun. On the other hand, there is the Playa Norte beach which is the longest beach along the city in Mazatlán. You can walk for as long as you wish and eat out at any restaurant located along the strip.things to do in Mazatlan

Ride a Pulmonia

Pulmonia are open-air golf carts that take visitors around town. You will find these only in Mazatlán. It’s a fun way to go sight-seeing because it allows you to enjoy the beautiful weather and see the views clearly. And take pictures of your favorite spots while on the go. Trying out unique things that are specific to a city or town are the best way to enjoy the trip.

Climb to the el faro lighthouse

El Faro lighthouse is located on top of the Cerro Creston and is the highest lighthouse in the Americas. You need to hike a long way to reach to the top. The process can be very tiring, but those that make it to the top know that the view is worth it. Definitely add this to your Things to do in Mazatlán’ list.

Solar Eclipse

The absolute best time to visit Mazatlán will be on April 8, 2024. This is the day that the total eclipse of the Sun will be visible. I can’t think of a more exotic place to be for this unique event. Be prepared before you go.  Purchase plenty of solar eclipse glasses.  You won’t want to be without these. Invariably, there will be people around you that don’t have glasses to view the Sun. It will be great to be able to offer a pair to a stranger who would not otherwise be able to view this magnificent event.

Before coming, one should enlist the things to do in Mazatlán due to the wide variety of tourist spots to avoid wastage of time and confusion. Let your time in Mazatlán be a canvas which you will paint with the memories you make.

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