2024 total solar eclipse5 Best Things to do in Austin, TX

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Activities in Austin, TX? Are you in the city of live music and plan on staying here for a couple of days? In that case, you might need help with the topmost activities in Austin, TX. Don’t worry we will help you get to the most deserving and worthy places, and tell you about the worthiest of things to do while you’re in Austin.
To get you on the road already, we think you might want to know how Austin, Texas is a state capitol, not only that, it is the very proud owner of Formula 1’s Circuit from American raceways. It is surrounded by gorgeous parks, landmarks, museums, and lakes.
Without any further due, let us get into the exciting activities in Austin, Texas; you’d not want to miss.Things to do in Austin

State Capitol-tops the activities in Austin, Texas-do not miss out

⦁ The Texas State Capitol is regarded as the city’s national landmark.
It is a beautiful and remarkable building which isn’t to be missed if you’re visiting Austin. The structure is made of stunning red granite that shines brightly from far.
By climbing four flights of the inlaid floor, you can visit the fantastic dome of the State Capitol. Not only that, but you will also find excellent shopping area and cafeteria that you can stop by. The beautifully landscaped gardens together with the surrounding 17 monuments, make it at the top of activities in Austin, TX.

⦁ Lady Bird Lake hike- and bird trail

Even though the Lady Bird Lake sits in the middle of the busy city; its natural surroundings make you feel like you’ve come somewhere else. It gives one a feeling of being in the countryside! The lake is a place worth taking the family out in the afternoon. You could even rent yourself a boat!

⦁ LBJ Presidential Library

⦁ Lyndon Baines Johnson library is not only a library but a museum in all on its own. Being one of the 13 presidential libraries across the United States, it comes under the activities in Austin, TX that you must try out. The library is a mix of life and some turbulent North American times. It has fun and engaging exhibits such as hearing the voice of the President as he talks about various war strategies as soon as you pick up the telephone.Things to do in Austin

⦁ Barton Springs Pool

A man-made recreational pool, which is filled with water that comes from the largest springs in Texas, Main Barton springs. The pool claims to be the place where Robert Redford learned to swim at the age of 5! The pool goes through regular cleaning for the entertainment of its wildlife and visiting human guests.

⦁ Bullock Texas State History Museum

The museum was made with the mission to tell the story of Texas, it has successfully fulfilled the vision. With three floors of beautiful and engaging exhibits, the museum comes in the top 5 museums in Austin and hence makes it to the top 5 activities in Austin, TX. A great place to bring your kids in as it has an IMAX theatre and a special effects theater presentation.

Solar Eclipse

Finally, if you want the ultimate trip to Austin, TX, go for the total solar eclipse. In other words, April 8, 2024, is the day to plan to be there to see this rare event. But before you go, be sure to have plenty of solar eclipse glasses.  You may be the only one in the area who has extra glasses on that day.

Make sure to do these fantastic activities in Austin, TX. They won’t make you regret the time spent in them, and you will remember Austin as the city known for more than just its live music.

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