5 Historic Landmarks to Visit in Mazatlán, Mexico

November 28, 2018by Eclipse Gear0

Historical landmarks in Mazatlán have always been an attraction to tourists due to their beautiful and breathtaking views. Each landmark has its own story which illuminates the culture and history of the country. Visiting the monuments in Mazatlán is a great way to spend time with your friends and family while increasing your knowledge. The five best historical landmarks in Mazatláninclude the following:

Old Mazatlán

Located at the heart of Mazatlán is the Centro Historico or old Mazatlán. The light of culture and history lights up the whole area. It gives you countless memories to look back at when you head home. Old Mazatlán is a place for food lovers and has delicious food such as taco de Cabeza, papas locosto offer to its visitors. The area also has many cafes and shops which are open at all times. If you only have one day in Mazatlán, this is definitely where you should spend it.

Landmarks in Mazatlan

One of the most prominent and famous landmarks in Mazatlán is the El Faro Lighthouse. It is located on top of the Cerro Creston that once used to be an island but now is the southernmost hill within the city. It might not be the most beautiful lighthouse, but it’s the highest lighthouse in the Americas and also one of the tallest functioning lighthouses in the world.

To experience the breathtaking view from the top of the hill, one has to hike 750 meters (30 minutes) via the trials present. The process can be exhausting for many but those that make it to the top the view of the Pearl of the Pacific is worth it.

Malecon (Seawall) in Mazatlán

The Malecon is a 2 km long seawall that extends from the main bay till the end of the Cerritod Beach. On the Malecon strip, there are multiple statues to see such as the Monument to Family, Pacifico Brewery monument, Pulmonia (taxi) monument, and the Fisherman’s Monument. It is the longest seawalls in the world and is amongst the most prestigious landmarks in Mazatlan.landmarks in mazatlan

Caverna Del Diablo (Cave of the Devil)

The cave of the devil is one of the most popular tourist spots due to the mysteries that surround it. The tales regarding this cave have been passed down from generations to generations, and some are slightly spooky. It’s for people who love nature and local history. This cave was used by soldiers to keep facilities during the period when Mazatlán was struck by war. And now it serves as one of the historical landmarks in Mazatlán.

Basilica of the Immaculate Conception

The Basilica is also known as MazatlánCathedral and is located in old Mazatlán. It is the primary religious building in the city of Mazatlán. And has a history dating back to 1856. Therefore making it one of the oldest landmarks in Mazatlán. Its interior is spectacular and worth seeing. Whereas it’s exterior is equally breathtaking and is made out of Italian marble and canary-colored spires.

The Basilica is a religious place so one must be at his best behavior when inside. At night the crowd is less, and the church is indeed a sight to behold with its new evening lights shining like stars on the night sky.

Solar Eclipse

If you can make it to Mazatlán on April 8, 2024, you will see a very unique celestial event.  A total eclipse of the Sun will be visible on that day. I can’t think of a better place to be for the event. But before you go, buy plenty of solar eclipse glasses. You never know what the availability is going to be once you get there.  For an event like this, it is always better to have too many rather than too few.

The landmarks in Mazatlán tell their own unique stories by their beautiful exteriors. Mazatlán has the treasure of historical landmarks of which each one of them is a must see.

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