5 Best Photo Spots in Mazatlán, Mexico

November 29, 2018by Eclipse Gear0

Photo spots in Mazatlán, Mexico, are you looking for the best locations to take photos in Mazatlán? Do you have a love for photography? Not only is Mazatlán a beautiful city to live, work and play in; it is a wonderful town to take photos. For all of you who love to take pictures, enjoy nature, rivers, and landscapes, some areas in Mazatlán can offer you scenarios that deserve to be there in your captured photos. The 5 best photo spots in Mazatlán include:photo spots in Mazatlan

The El Faro Lighthouse- one of the best photo spots in Mazatlán

Mazatlán is the home to one of the highest lighthouses in the world. It is regarded as one of the best tourist attractions in the world and hence is famous among visitors. The lighthouse is located at the peak of the Cerro Del Creston, and if you hike all the way to the top, there is a beautiful bird’s eye sightseeing waiting for you! Not only that, but the lighthouse is a photographic landmark in the city and you can capture the unobstructed views of Mazatlán with your camera.

The Fiesta Land

If you’re a person visiting Mazatlán, Mexico and are a history and culture lover, then the Fiesta Land is a place you cannot miss out on. Full of history and culture, this place will leave you with the time that is nicely spent and to not be regretted. Furthermore, the Fiesta Land offers nightlife in the central Mazatlán. Also, it gives its visitors the chance to take recognizable and memorable photos. The most exceptional pictures can be taken post-sunset, and on Sundays at 8 pm when the fireworks are lit up. For these reasons, Fiesta Land make it in the list of best photo spots in Mazatlán.

Clavadista Divers Rock Point

This is one of the most recognizable cliff diving spots in Mexico. Moreover, Clavadista appears to be treacherous in life and in films. With relatively shallow blue water, the rock point offers its visitors with picturesque views that they want to capture in their cameras. The Clavadista Divers Rock point gives impressive photographic impressions as it has a classic sunlit which looks gorgeous with the natural rock formation. The scenic views of the rock point lead it to the list of most famous photo spots in Mazatlán.

Angela Peralta Theatre

The theatre is a beautifully restored historic landmark which pays tribute to the Mexican operatic soprano Angela Peralta. The interior is worth taking pictures of. It not only takes the visitor into the past and history of the theatre but also leaves him with an everlasting impact. Being one of the most important tourist attractions, the theatre makes it to the best photo spots in. Furthermore, the theatre hosts Mazatlán’s most sophisticated theater and musical performances.photos in Mazatlan

Continuity of Life Fountain

Continuity of life fountain is a beautiful monument in the Malecon and is worthy of your time and photographs. It is also known as the statue that has everything. Moreover, the work of art in the fountain consists of all you can think of; people, leaping dolphins and a water fountain that overlooks the ocean. Visit the fountain, and you will not question as to why it belongs in the list of best photo spots in Mazatlán.

The city may not be gifted with so many attractions shaped by Mother Nature, but these 5 photo spots in Mazatlán make it a beautiful and at times a breathtaking place. These places take you indoors and outdoors and allow you to have a great time.

Solar Eclipse

We have to mention that one of the most spectacular natural events will happen in Mazatlan on April 24, 2024. This is when the total eclipse of the Sun will be visible in Mazatlan in totality. So plan your trip now and don’t forget to buy plenty of solar eclipse glasses to take with you. They are not expensive and something that you can’t be without that day. Buy extras so you can help others that don’t have them.

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