5 Best Bars In Torreon Mexico

November 30, 2018by Eclipse Gear0

If you have come to Torreon, Mexico for a vacation, you are probably looking for some of the best bars in Torreon. We hope you are also in town to catch the awesome eclipse! Torreon is known for having some of the best eclipses’ on the planet. The next ones are in 2019, 2023 and 2024 so if you haven’t seen one yet, there is still time. We will be in the direct path of the eclipse on April 8, 2024. Be prepared with plenty of solar eclipse glasses. You probably won’t have too many.  In addition to seeing the amazing eclipses’, you should also know where some of the best bars in Torreon are. Let us help.

Black Bull Tavern- one of the best bars in Torreon

Black Bull Tavern is a comfy tavern that is located near Alameda. They are known for their cold beer and live entertainment. In addition to the live music, it has a Tavern like atmosphere. For example, it is a little dark but has a great atmosphere, great drinks, and friendly waiters. In addition to what has already been mention our favorite part of this tavern is the open roof. On warm nights you can sit and watch the stars while you enjoy your drinks.bars in torreon

D-Var- one of the oldest clubs and best bars in Torreon

This bar has remained trendy over the years even though it’s been around for ages. For example, they have always maintained their original style but there style is ever changing. In fact, they have an assortment of light and music shows that change every night to keep their patrons excited and entertained. Although they love their live DJ performances and Tex-Mex music, they play music from almost every genre. They want to make sure their music appeals to the masses.

La Quinta Bar- popular with the locals and one of the best bars in Torreon

This bar is located downtown and is a trendy place to drink with the locals. Not only does it have fantastic local flavor and atmosphere but it also boasts other great features. For example, it’s got fantastic acoustics and a great sound system so you can guarantee the music quality is excellent. Also, it has an outdoor open stage and an open bar to ensure the party doesn’t stop. Consequently, this bar is a haven for young people and is a bar worth visiting while you are in Torreon.bars in Torreon

Cantares- one of the best bars in Torreon for people over 30

If you aren’t a fan of hanging out with the almost teenage crowd, you may want to try Cantares. In addition to being one of the most popular bars for people over 30, it also has fantastic live performances. The music is live, and this is one of the most popular bars for the locals as well. Also, the atmosphere is relaxed and nice, and the music isn’t so loud that you can’t carry on a conversation with someone. Furthermore, the drinks and the menu are fantastic.

Don Quintin- Best live performances at one of the best bars in Torreon

Come to catch all of the fantastic performances by some of the best local pop and rock bands in the area. In addition to amazing music, Don Quintin has an inviting atmosphere, great drinks, good food, and guaranteed fun. Due to the already mentioned factors, Don Quintin is the place in town to meet all of the coolest people.

Don’t come without visiting some of the best bars in Torreon. In addition to great music and atmosphere, these bars have great drinks and good food.

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