Best Museums in Monclova, Mexico

December 4, 2018by Eclipse Gear0

Monclova Mexico is a historical city that is full of charm. It’s known as the steel capital of Mexico and Central America. This city has the highest production of steel. The entire town has been built around its steel production, and it’s museums pay respect to that. When you come to Monclova, there are all sorts of fantastic museums in Monclova to visit. We will cover a few of them here.

Monclova- Pape Museum

This is by far the most famous museum in the city. It is a great way to learn about the founding family in the town. It’s a modern museum. It will walk you through different expositions that are both interesting and engaging. You will learn about the Pape couple. They are the people who founded the steel mill and turned the city of Monclova into a busy, bustling city. The Papes had a tremendous impact on the city of Monclova. They left a legacy that remains. Several exhibits shine a light on who they were and what they did. In addition to the Pape exhibits, there are plenty of traveling exhibits. One year it might be train dioramas with a historical twist. The next year it might be Mexican history or Mexican comics. Who knows what they will come up with next.museums in Monclova

Also, the museum focuses on sharing the best contemporary art of Mexico with all who visit. Another fantastic aspect of the museum is its extensive library that houses over 130,000 books. They also run a great cultural center for children and team them language and art. Also, if that weren’t enough, there are also video and book presentations as well as periodicals. Furthermore, they have a 300-person auditorium that is used for music concerts and plays. You will not want to miss the Pape Museum while you are in Monclova. Hopefully, you are here visiting for the next solar eclipse in 2024. This is an unusual event that you should not miss. Monclova is lucky enough to be right in the path, and we’ll be taking advantage of it for sure! Be sure to buy plenty of eclipse glasses before you go.

 The Polvorín

Another of the best museums in Monclova in the Polvorin.  This museum has taken many shapes over the years. It was initially built as a powder magazine and stronghold for the Spanish in the late eighteenth century. It was abandoned shortly after the Independence in the early twentieth century. After it was a hospital, a school, a warehouse, and a gatehouse. Finally, in 1977 it became a museum that showcases the significant historical periods of the country. In addition to history, it has weapons, archery, guns, communications, mathematics, sociology, biology, watercolor art, anthropology, and other fabulous collections.museums in Monclova

Texas/Coahuila History museums

This museum was originally built in 1794. Until 1804 it was used as the Royal Hospital. However, soon after in 1811 it was changed and was used as a jail for the rebel army. This museum houses one of the best historical exhibitions about the history behind Texas and Coahuila. It showcases the regional history and all that went on while these states were separating.

Monclova is a quaint little town that is definitely worth a trip whenever you are in the area. It’s full of charm, history, and culture. Come to Monclova today and take advantage of the best museums in Monclova, Mexico.

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