5 Best Museums in Mazatlán, Mexico

November 29, 2018by Eclipse Gear0

Museums in Mazatlán are a great way to not only spend time with your friends and family but also to learn a lot about the history of the country and its culture. It allows you to get an insight into the lives, culture, and beliefs of the inhabitants living at specific periods.
Just like museums all over the world, the museums in Mazatlán are open to everyone regardless of their class, race or religion. So that everyone can benefit from the rich knowledge enclosed inside a museum. Mazatlán has a wide variety of museums for its inhabitants and visitors. The 5 best museums in Mazatlán include the following:

Nid Art

It is an art gallery located near the Central Market in old Mazatlan. It’s a gallery full of the treasure of spectacular art by local artists. This place is peaceful and pleasant and a beautiful place to visit with your family. They have on display leather crafted masks, which are not only an attractive source of decoration but also comfortable to wear. If you’re not a fan of leather, you can enjoy looking at the delicate beaded jewelry and ceramics.

Museo de Arte Mazatlán (Museum of Art of Mazatlán)

This museum is amongst the oldest museums in Mazatlán. It’s a small museum filled with Mexican art of the 20th and 21st century. It’s located across the street from MeseoArqueológico de Mazatlán. The museum has primarily two exhibition rooms. One of them displays work from internationally known Mexican artists such as Rufino Tamayo, Francisco Toledo, Antonio LópezSáenz, José Luis Cuevas, Vicente Rojo, and Edgardo Coghlan.
The second exhibit room displays the work of the best individual from the state or other neighboring cities and is usually temporary. There is no entrance fee. Also, it’s an excellent place to relax and get rest while enjoying paintings.

museums in Mazatlan

The MuseoArqueologico de Mazatlán(Mazatlán’s archeology museum)

Mazatlán’s archeology museum is amongst the most famous museums in Mazatlán. It is located near the Plaza Machado in the Mazatlan Centro Historico. And is directly in front of Museo De Arte. Within its boundaries, it holds sculptures of humans and animals of the pre-Columbian time. Also pre-columbium burial objects and materials. And ancient polychrome pottery from pre-Columbian Sinaloa culture and history.

Museo El Rincon de Pedro Infante (Pedro Infante museum)

If you’re a huge fan of Pedro Infante or have barely heard of him, a trip to the Pedro Infante museum will enlighten you about the history and work of the late actor. He was a great actor of the 20th century who won hearts of the people and the critics with his acting talent. His unfortunate and sudden death by a plane crash shock all of Mexico. The Pedro Infante museum displays the actor’s personal items as well as his pictures.museums in Mazatlan

Seashell city museum

Some of the museums in Mazatlán have a unique concept and amongst them is the seashell city museum. This museum has an extensive collection of shells and crafts made of shells such as jewelry, decoration pieces, and wind chimes. Coupled with lotions and candles.
If you are searching where to spend your weekend in Mazatlán, then do visit the museums in Mazatlán because each one of them will give you a memorable experience. In addition to an increase in your knowledge about the culture and history of the country.

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There aren’t many museums in Mazatlán, but the ones that exist are unique and contain a whole world within them.

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