Great Historical Landmarks in Torreon, Mexico

November 29, 2018by Eclipse Gear0

Torreon Mexico is full of surprises. If you love culture, history, and art you have come to the right place. The landmarks in Torreon are visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. A very unique event will occur on April 8, 2024. That is the total eclipse of the Sun. The full totality of the eclipse will be visible from Torreon. So be sure to plan to visit. While you are here visiting, there are some landmarks in Torreon that you will not want to miss.

Christ of the Noas- Best of the religious landmarks in Torreon

Not only is it a fantastic work of art, but also its cultural and religious significance cannot be understated. There are nuns on site that can help answer questions, or you can choose to do a self-guided tour.  Also, if you don’t want to take the stairs (there are many), they are building a lift that will take you from the city to the top. Of course, the view from the top is spectacular. This indeed is one of the fantastic sites in Torreon.

Christ stands perched on a top hill and welcomes every visitor with open arms. There are other attractions on site as well. For example, there is a stunning little chapel. Also, if you are hungry, there is a snack bar and cafeteria on site. In addition to what has already been mentioned, there are also other relics and replicas that you will not want to miss. Of all the places to visit in Torreon, this is one of our favorites. Also, as was previously stated but deserves extra emphasis are the fantastic views of the city from this site. It is the perfect place to watch the eclipse.landmarks in Torreon

Canal de la Perla- Best stories surrounding the history of the landmarks in Torreon

Another one of the famous visitor sites is the Canal de la Perla. This is a great place to get in out of the sun and escape the heat. Similarly, it’s also a great place to learn more about local history. It used to be a water canal. However, others claim that it’s been used to hide the Chinese during intense times of persecution. Also, it has been used by smugglers over the years and makes for some great stories. In addition to the stories, there are other historical displays along the way that you will not want to miss.landmarks in Torreon

Paleontology Museum of Laguna- Most child-friendly of the landmarks in Torreon

If you love dinosaurs, then you will need to stop here and take in the sights. This museum is small but easy to get to; it sits right on one of the main streets. It shows you a great deal about the biodiversity in the area. For example, you will see dinosaur and mammoth bones. Also, there are plenty of arrowheads and other relics to see. In addition, there are also some other petroglyphs that are fascinating to look at. Another significant fact is that you can touch the fossils, which is not very common for most museums. Also, there are guides on site to answer any questions you may have. You will enjoy your time at one of the best and most child-friendly landmarks in the city.

Plaza de Toros-One of the most famous landmarks in Torreon

Although bullfighting does not take place at the plaza, it is one of the oldest and most historical sites in Torreon. It was founded in November 1934 and has been a mecca for artists, athletes, matadors, and others. Consequently, if you are looking for history and culture, then you will want to see the Plaza de Toros. It’s easily one of the most famous landmarks in Torreon. It is one you won’t want to miss.

Solar Eclipse

When you plan your trip to Torreon for the eclipse, don’t forget to purchase your solar eclipse glasses. Once your there, they may not be available. Why not purchase extras to take with you just in case your fellow travelers may need a pair.

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