5 Best Museums to Visit in/around Durango, Mexico

November 27, 2018by Eclipse Gear0

Museums in Durango make it get close to heaven on earth as much as that is possible. When someone mentions the name of Durango, Mexico, people usually think of the city as being a wild mountain state. However, this is not the only way to look at the city. Being home to some of the best museums in the world which tell the story of its history; museums in Durango have a lot to share with their visitors. After going to the downtown city of Durango, you might want to soak in some Duranguense history. To find out more, read ahead and visit our picks for the museums in Durango, Mexico:

Francisco Villa Museum- one of the best museums in Durango

Francisco Villa museum sits in the Palacio de Zambrano. It is built with a beautiful baroque facade and is quite spacious. With ten rooms made with different themes, the museum shares the history of Mexico in the most beautiful of ways. Moreover, the rooms contain models, objects, infographics, photographs which narrate the struggles of the city.

museums in durango

The Regional Museum

The Regional Museum sits in the downtown city of Durango. The building is built beautifully and is inspired by the Parisian palaces. It was built in the 19th century and offers a great show itself. The museum holds in more than 1400 objects in its 16 rooms. Not only that, but these objects and pieces provide the visitors a global vision of the Durango city.

The Tunnel Mining Museum

The Tunnel Mining Museum sits in the city of Durango, two blocks away from the Cathedral. It is a beautiful and gorgeous underground museum with 24 ft depth and is 306 yards long. Additionally, the museum contains a collection of objects and mining samples. Markedly, this dates back to when the foundation of the city was laid down. Connect with the city’s history by visiting this museum and have a unique experience, and we are sure you will understand its place in the best museums in Durango.

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Bebeleche Interactive Museum – An attractive addition in the list of museums in Durango

This is a museum which is an ideal place to spend a day in with your family. The museum is suitable for small children as well as adults. Furthermore, the museum has 100 attractive workshops which are divided between five exhibition halls.  Not to mention, the workshops offer fun learning about science, technology, art, and culture. Not only that, but the museum also contains a 3D projection room. There are no reasons for this museum to not be a part of the list of 5 best museums in Durango.

Durango Museum of Archeology Ganot-Peschard

The museum is a keystone for gaining knowledge on the indigenous populations that inhabited the various states in Durango. Furthermore, this knowledge ranges for over a 12 thousand-year period. The museum has successfully maintained its prime objective which is to preserve, study and promote the heritage of Durango. Skulls, pots, pectorals, and spindles are some of the collections present inside the beautiful museum.

This was our list of 5 best museums in Durango.  In fact, these museums offer their visitors a chance and opportunity to explore the rich history and heritage of the Durango city. Notably, allow people to have a good time while being part of the past.

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