2024 total solar eclipse5 Best Bars in Durango, Mexico

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Bars in Durango, Mexico add to the city’s specialties and things you can remember it by. This mountain town has more than just mountains. On any given night, you can find yourself in a fantastic bar enjoying the night scene. Bars in Durango have both local and nationally acclaimed musicians who entertain the visitors. Read on with us to know about the best bars in Durango:

The Bistro Garden Grill and Bar in Durango, Mexico

This is more than just a bar. To be sure, visitors have always had great reviews to share regarding the services of the bar. The Bistro Garden not only serves tasty cocktails and beers but also gives you the opportunity to dine in with delicious food which includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The interior design is also commendable, and visitors appreciate the mood created by the bar.Bars in Durango

Sun Set Bar- a good addition in the scene of bars in Durango

This bar contains several elements which recreate the senses of those who come here. The Sun Set bar is known for its atmosphere of friendship and joy. The bar has visual music and creative decoration which make it an excellent place to have drinks.

Wings Army Constitucion

The Wings Army Constitucion has a range of beers to offer, a majority of which are imported. The bar provides libations of high quality and gives a chance to its visitors to enjoy their chosen drinks. The bar offers innovative beers, cocktails, and bars food.

Beerhouse The Pub

Beerhouse The Pub is a beautiful bar in the city of Durango that has a wide range of drinks to offer to its customers. The atmosphere of the bar is quite friendly and leaves an impact on its visitors for a long time. The bar not only deals in good drinks but also serves good quality food as well. It is a social bar that has live music which adds to the lightness and pleasantness of the atmosphere. Visit the bar to find out why it comes in the top 5 bars in Durango.Bars in Durango

Gorditas Dona Aleja

The Gorditas Dona Aleja bar is a typical one in a magical town. It has delicious food and drinks to serve to its visitors. The food is presented in a beautiful southern manner. Furthermore, the service of the bar is simple and efficient. This is an essential bar to visit from all the bars in Durango; their beans are worthy for praise as its worth crossing the world to try them.

Bars in Durango offer a cultural touch and allow visitors to get more than just beers and drinks. They provide excellent, delicious food which is not only mouth-watering but also worth the wait.

Solar Eclipse

Here’s something for everybody’s bucket list. On April 8, 2024, there will be a total eclipse of the Sun.  This will be visible from Durango, Mexico. This is honestly going to be a special event that won’t often be happening. Before you go, be sure to stock up on solar eclipse glasses. Be a hero, when you pull out your extra glasses to share with those that were not as prepared.

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