2024 total solar eclipse5 Best Museums to visit in Erie, PA

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Museums in Erie provide a rich source of knowledge about the history of Erie, a beautiful and radiant city in Pennsylvania. Not only are they informative but enjoyable at the same time. There’s more to do then just look around and talk at museums in Erie. Most of them have different unique activities for its visitors which keep them engaged. Visits to museums can be boring and tiring, but that’s not the case regarding the museums in Erie so do visit them if you get the chance. The five best museums in Erie include the following:

The Erie Art Museum

The Erie Art Museum is one of the most beautiful and most famous museums in Erie. It is located in the old customhouse on State Street and serves as the city’s premiere art gallery. This museum contains a wide variety of modern art and ancient art. It has over 8000 objects hanging on its walls. In addition to arts and crafts, the museum also offers lecture series, educational programs, school tours, and summer programs. The Erie Art Museum also offers a famous jazz concert series. The museum is open on the weekend, Thursday and Friday. Also, you can catch a show of performing arts throughout the year.museums in Erie

Erie Maritime Museum

Erie maritime museum is one of the most exciting and engaging museums in Erie. It is located on Presque Isle Bay. It is the oldest museum in Erie with its inauguration dating back to 1998. Within its walls, this museum holds the history of Lake Erie and is the homeport of the US Brig Niagara. This ship, which is a recreation of the 19th-century ship the US Brig Niagara that was used to fight the battle of Lake Erie. The museum contains an extensive collection of objects which include an old steam-powered electricity generating station. It also has an updated part of USS Lawrence which also fought during the battle of Lake Erie. You will also find the USS Wolverine which was the united states’ first-ever warship.

The Firefighters Historical Museum

The Firefighters Historical Museum is located in Former Station #4 and was founded in 1969 but officially opened in 1976. It contains a vast collection of over 1400 fire service related objects. This includes alarm boxes, uniforms, pictures, hand pulled and horse-pulled apparatus, an American LaFrance pumper which was purchased by the museum’s co-founder Richard Robb. Along with a steam fire engine and a hose cart. However, it’s only open for few hours on the weekend from June to October so don’t miss it.museums in Erie

Experience Children’s Museum

If you have kids, then this is the place for you and your family of little ones. It was founded 20 years back, and since then it has served to inspire children and bring out the best of their capabilities creativity and talent. The experience Children’s Museum provides a safe environment where children can learn while having fun. They provide education of a broad spectrum of topics such as moths, science, health, and culture. Your child will never be bored of this place due to its wide variety of facilities and activities. It is amongst the most unique museums in Erie.

Historical Society of Erie County

It is a historic house museum which was recently updated. It includes the Watson-curtze mansion, the Hirt library, the center carriage house, and the King-Mertens Archive Building. The historical society serves to collect and preserve the history of the area.  This way visitors can enrich themselves of the past and grasp the benefits. All the museums in Erie are one of a kind and should not be missed.

Solar Eclipse

Plan to be in Erie, PA, on April 8, 2024. Why because that is the date of the total solar eclipse. So make your plans to be there for this celestial event. Before you arrive be sure to buy plenty of solar eclipse glasses. There are always people that aren’t as prepared as you.

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