5 Best Bars in Mazatlán, Mexico

November 28, 2018by Eclipse Gear0

Bars in Mazatlán

Just like bars all over the world, the bars in Mazatlán are a great way to socialize, meet new people, make new friends and have a crazy night out with your friends. You can relax and enjoy the moments with your friends till they last. There are loads of bars in Mazatlán, but amongst them, the best five are the following

⦁ Edgar’s Bar

It is one of the oldest bars in Mazatlán. Its creation dates back to 1947. This bar is located near the central food market, which makes it a favorite spot for eating and drinking. It has a pleasant atmosphere and beautiful music so that you can relax and chill. Their food is delicious and will leave you craving for more. Especially their shrimp filled the bucket.bars in Mazatlán

⦁ Sky Room

⦁ Like the name suggests this bar will give you the experience of dining in the sky. It’s located on top of one of the western hotels and is at the height equal to an 11 story building. You can view the whole city from the top. At night it’s a breathtaking view one must see. Especially when the sky is clear. Because then you can look at the stars shining above and the city lights shining below. It is one of the most beautiful bars in Mazatlán. Besides, their food is palatable and irresistible.

⦁ Barracuda’s

Barracuda’s bar is located on Avenida la marine offers a wide variety of dishes. They are ranked #10 in seafood bars in Mazatlán. The bar has a pleasant atmospheres ideal for families, and the prices are reasonable too.bars in Mazatlán

⦁ Full house

⦁ It is located on Av Camarón Sábalo road. It’s open only on Tuesday and Wednesday. Their service is fast and a great place to enjoy with your friends. Amongst the bars in Mazatlán, this one is a sports bar, which means you can watch your favorite sports while dining.


Many bars in Mazatlán are located on Av CamaronSabalo road and amongst these is GUS GUS. GUS GUS is one of the oldest and best bars in Mazatlán. It serves breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. At night there’s a live performance by a band that plays English classic rock songs. So you can eat drink and dance the whole night.

Bars in Mazatlán can be a source of fun and enjoyment if you go with your friends and loved ones. The food is fantastic, and you will surely have a wonderful time when your there. Just remember to enjoy every moment.

Solar Eclipse

I can’t think of a more exquisite place to watch the total eclipse of the Sun. April 8, 2024, is a marvelous time to plan a trip to Mazatlán. A rare occurrence of the eclipse begs to be seen in paradise. Before you go, be sure to purchase plenty of solar eclipse glasses. You may be one of the few people there that are super prepared for the event.

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