2024 total solar eclipse5 BEST BARS IN ERIE, PA

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Bars in Erie, PA have all that you can think of. From delicious cocktails in plush locations to ice-cold beers in a different setting, Erie takes its bar scene quite seriously. The bars in Erie serve not only good beers but also serve delicious food too. This makes the fueling of your stomach along with some drinks a comfortable and enjoyable experience. If you are considering an excellent place to have a nightcap in; here are 5 best bars in Erie you could look into:

Molly Brannigan’s Irish Pub- Tops the bars in Erie

The Molly Brannigan’s pub is an Irish bar which has been a beloved destination in the downtown Erie. The Pub not only offers beautiful pours but also offers cuisine that is creative, comfortable and elegant, traditional and innovative. You could definitely stop by the bar to enjoy their weekly specials; furthermore, they offer happy hour deals and quick lunches and drinks.bars in Erie

The Oasis Pub

If you are looking for some great food, some music to which you can dance to, and also some games and activities; the Oasis Pub is the place you are looking for. The light atmosphere of the pub not only lightens up your mood but you also get to meet interesting people. Time spent at this bar will not let you get bored because the bar has pool tables, darts, and huge television screens. Not only that, the bar has an extensive food and drinks menu. Once you visit the pub, you will also rate it in the top 5 bars in Erie.

The Sluggers

The Sluggers is the kind of bar you can do everything at. It is more than just a bar; it is also a grill. The bar has multiple pool tables, several sports and television screens to keep its visitors entertained. Their menu is extensive and consists of delicious steaks, chicken, seafood and burgers.bars in Erie

Cornerstone Bar-A welcoming bar in Erie

The Cornerstone bar is a lively bar. It is located in the central Erie, PA and is easily accessible by its visitors. In many nights of the week, the bar offers excellent domestic beers and pitchers. Along with karaoke, the bar has ample space for you to dance. Not only that, but the bar also has a fresh, comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

The Park Tavern

The Park Tavern is a beautiful, gorgeous and straightforward family bar. It has a cozy atmosphere to make you feel comfortable and invited. The bar not only serves an excellent range of drinks but also serves excellent food; the pizza and wings here are beyond amazing. Furthermore, the bar is more than just a bar; it is a place where friends and family come to meet and drink. The Park Tavern still maintains its traditions and quality for yet another generation.


One last thing.  We have to mention that April 8, 2024, will be a special day in Erie.  That is the date of the total solar eclipse.  Be prepared with solar eclipse glasses.  Better yet, purchase extra glasses because you know others that will be around you probably won’t be as prepared as you.

There are so many bars in Erie, PA which is perfect to kick off a night with classy cocktails and have a great time. Bars in Erie have been the source of entertainment and joy for their visitors, and we hope you enjoy your time and experience too if you visit any of these anytime soon.

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