5 Best Photo Spots in Burlington, Vermont for 2024 Solar Eclipse

November 21, 2018by luntprojectdev0

One of the most beautiful events in the world is coming up, the total solar eclipse of 2024! In fact, it will be seen from one of the prettiest cities on the east coast, Burlington. So if you find yourself in Burlington and you happen to have a camera, a smartphone, and an Instagram then here are the five best photo op spots for you to chose from!

1) Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park is as good as it gets to stepping inside those classically beautiful paintings. This ideal community park has some genuinely fantastic photo op locations including a boardwalk and a spot on the lake. Go out for sailing lessons or kayaking and get that perfect selfie out on the water. Take your family and friends out for a beautiful walk down the lane. Here is where you can get that ideal romantic shot to post to Instagram.

photo spots in Burlington

2) Old First Church

The Old First Church is one of the oldest churches near Burlington. This colonial-style building (built in 1805) is timeless and classic. Its cemetery is even more beautiful with its bright green grass. Located a stone’s throw away in Bennington, it’s tall ceilings, and crisp white walls make a beautiful background for any photo. Take in the view of the total solar eclipse with the steeple just beside the sun. It will be the perfect photo to show friends and family.


The ECHO Leahy Science Center sits near the heart of Lake Champlain’s shoreline. A modern marvel, the ECHO Leahy Science Center is not only a beautiful building, but it also offers some of the most exceptional educational programs for schools and amateur scientists. After you’ve taken in the sites of the center’s fascinating programs, lectures, and exhibits; look up to the skies and see if you can take in the view of the solar eclipse near the circular opening at the top of the building’s structure. If you find the right angle, you might get a shot of the eclipse inside the circle. Just something to keep an eye out for and don’t forget your solar glasses.

photo spots in Burlington4) Breakwater Lighthouse

If getting a photo from a kayak on the water isn’t enough of a photo op for you, then why not take a picture of the total solar eclipse from a lighthouse? Granted you can’t walk up the Breakwater Lighthouse, but you can rent a boat and set sail and stop at its side. Not only does it make for a fantastic picture with the eclipse against the horizon but it’s also a peaceful place to stay and enjoy and the moment.

5) Downtown

Of course, if you want to get the full experience of solar eclipse viewing, enjoy a nice meal, and grab a drink, there’s no better place to do it than downtown. The beautiful lantern lights and brick lanes provide the perfect backdrop to a night out with friends and family. So as you’re strolling through downtown’s various shops and cafes, snap that perfect photo of the total solar eclipse before heading off to the bar or that local diner you’ve been dying to try.

From this list, we’re sure you can find the best photo ops for the total solar eclipse. So remember to charge your phones, buy your solar glasses, and grab your favorite camera before you set out to take that perfect photo.

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