Best Photo Spots In Torreon, Mexico

December 10, 2018by Eclipse Gear0

Best Photo Spots in Torreon, Mexico

Torreon, Mexico is a fantastic place to visit. The city is full of rich history and culture. It also has an abundance of art and places to visit that are just downright fun.  You may have never thought about visiting Torreon before, but now you have a spectacular reason to plan a trip there.   On April 8,  2024 there will be a total solar eclipse of the Sun visible from Torreon. Plan ahead with plenty of eclipse glasses for your trip.  You are probably wondering where the best photo spots in Torreon are located. We know you’ll want to post some fantastic pictures to your social media accounts. We scoured the local area to find some of the best photo spots in Torreon for your next photo op.

One of the best religious photo spots in Torreon

Cristo de las Noas– This giant statue of Christ sits high on a hill and is a sight to behold in Torreon. Even if you aren’t religious, its sheer size and mass are fascinating. This is absolutely a great place for a memorable photo op. It’s one of the tallest Christ statues in all of South America. There are only a few Christ statues like it in the world. If you have a chance to see this statue, don’t miss out. It’s breathtaking, inspiring and totally worth seeing. Besides the icon, there are other sites on the grounds that will prove to be some of the best photo spots in Torreon. There are several lookout sites at this location that will serve as a gorgeous background for your photo.best photo spots in Torreon

One of the best outdoor green photo spots in Torreon

Fundadores Park is well known in the area. It’s one of the best places to lay and watch the eclipse. It draws both tourists and locals alike because of its lush green lawn and all of the many things to do in the park. A photo op that’s taken with beautiful nature in the background is always a success. Also, it’s a great way to get out and get some fresh air, which is always a good thing.

One of the best artistic and cultural photo spots in Torreon

Torreon has some fantastic museums that are full of history, art and culture. You could get lost for hours within these rooms. There are many things to learn and see while you are there. In addition to the fantastic works of art, there are also historical relics, and other exhibition. Some of these are permanent exhibitions, and some are shown for a specific period of time.

One of the best hotel and resort photo spots in Torreon

Lush green lawns and fantastic architecture are some of what you will find at the Hotel Montebello Golf & Resort. Besides just being the perfect spot for a great photo op in Torreon, you can stop and play a round of golf on the amazing course. In addition to the golf course, it also has an artificial lake and extensive gardens. If you want to go swimming after you play golf, you can relax in their pool as well. Also, it has a restaurant on site that serves amazing international cuisine.

Other great photo spots in Torreon

Look around you. You are in a quaint little Mexican city. There is architecture, character, and cobblestone side streets. You can make practically any road you go down your perfect photo op. Find a unique place that serves as a backdrop and start snapping away.

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