The Best Bars in Monclova

December 7, 2018by Eclipse Gear0

If you are visiting in Monclova for the eclipse on April 8, 2024, you are in for a treat.
These eclipses’ are amazing natural events that only come around once in a while. Eclipses are something everyone should experience at least once. That’s why coming to Monclova is such a good idea to see the eclipse. It just so happens that Monclova is in the direct path of the eclipse and will give an amazing view. So be prepared with plenty of solar eclipse glasses. I can be too tempting to look directly at the Sun and do irreparable damage to your eyes without proper protection. While you are in Monclova, you’ll probably be wonder where the best bars in town are to go get a drink and relax. We’ve put a list of some of the best bars in Monclova together for you. You won’t need to waste your time endlessly wandering the streets of our city (not that you can’t wonder if you want to). We’ll just save you some time of trying to figure out where you need to go for a drink.

best bars in Monclova

Tierra Santa Restaurant- Best of the steakhouse and drink bars in Monclova-

If you love a good steak with your drink, then you will love Tierra Santa. This is an excellent restaurant with a full menu and drink selection. They specialize in grilling steaks and have a full salad bar as well. The waiters are fast and friendly, and the atmosphere is incredible. The menu is reasonably priced as well, and sometimes they put a promotion on certain drinks. While you are here, don’t forget to order some appetizers. You won’t be disappointed.

Boruca Restaurant & Sports Bar- Best of the sports bar bars in Monclova

If you love to catch the game while you drink, then we have found the place for you. They are in a great location by Pape Boulevard, and they have a full menu and bar. You can order everything from steaks, burgers, salads or appetizers. The staff here is also fast and friendly and won’t let your glass be empty for long. Go to Boruca and settle in for a relaxing evening with drinks while you watch the game.

best bars in Monclova

Vitali Taqueria Asador- One of the best taco and drink bars in Monclova-

This restaurant is a little pricier than some of the counterparts. However, they are known for their excellent food, full bar and especially their enchiladas. They are known for having a variety of food options on their menu, so there is something for every palate. Whether you want a burger, enchiladas, tacos or steak- you can find it all. Also, if you are a fan of salsa, they have all sorts of salsa options for you to try. Don’t forget to throw down several margaritas or mojitos while you are there. The atmosphere and staff are always very welcoming to visitors and will welcome you right in.

Los Corrales Restaurant- One of the locals’ favorite restaurants and bars in Monclova

While you are in Monclova, you will hear a lot about Los Corrales. It seems to be a fan favorite amongst the locals. Many of them head there after work to relax, unwind and enjoy a cold beer. There is a delicious menu and also plenty of drink options for those who want to sit back and relax.

There are plenty of options for great bars in Monclova. One of our favorite things though is that many of the bars are attached to fantastic restaurants so you can get an authentic Mexican meal along with your drinks.

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