5 Historic Landmarks to Visit in/around Durango, Mexico

November 26, 2018by Eclipse Gear0

Landmarks in Durango? You cannot be visiting a city without visiting its historical landmarks. Landmarks in Durango are worth your time for they will connect you with the culture, history and the traditions of the town. If you’re an explorer, a history lover then landmarks in Durango are definitely a must to see for you. We will help you visit the top 5 landmarks, read on to find out more:

El Mirador Los Remedios- famous from the landmarks in Durango

This historic site is located in Durango. You can get to the location through a cable car. Here you will see the first ever church built in this State. Not only does the place offer you a spectacular view but also helps you perceive a scent that connects you to the history of the area. The architecture is beautiful which overlooks the fact that it is small.Landmarks in Durango

Palace of the Conde del Valle de Súchil, Durango

An extraordinary Baroque facade which exhibits and presents great richness. The beautiful mixtilineal windows add to the richness of the place. The palace contains one of the most elegant and surprising patios in the country. The castle is a beautiful work of carved stone, and it holds in the public image of Durango for more than 200 years.

Parque Fundidora de Ferreria

The Parque Fundidora de Ferreria is a lovely place and is a famous tourist attraction in the city of Durango. The site is an ideal location to capture great photos. Furthermore, the area has very well-kept gardens and a river. The place has a great history and is worthy of paying a visit. Not only that, the site has free entrance for 7 days a week and has tours on Sundays.

Hacienda de la Ferreria- most beautiful from the landmarks in Durango

One of the ancient mansions in Durango city. It has a spectacular collection of colonial art which you will fall in love with. The art is so great that it is worthy of being in a museum. The architecture of the mansion dates back to the 19th century and has beautiful gardens which you must visit. You visit the place yourself, and you will understand the reasons for Hacienda becoming a part of the list of historic landmarks in Durango.landmarks in Durango

La Ferreria

An archaeological site which is located 7 kilometers south of the City of Durango. It lies on one side of the Tunal River. The historic landmark is a great place to connect with and offers a great deal of knowledge about the city of Durango. It is an absolutely beautiful and engaging place which you must add to your list of historic landmarks in Durango.

Solar Eclipse 2024

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There were our top 5 historic landmarks in Durango that we think you should visit when you’re in the city because they offer the experience which is worth a while and one which you won’t regret.

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