5 Best Things to do in Rochester for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

November 21, 2018by luntprojectdev0

For those of you planning to travel during the time of the 2024 total solar eclipse, you might want to stop by Rochester, NY. Not only will it be one of the few cities in the U.S. that will have a direct view of the total solar eclipse but it’s also got some great tourist attractions that everyone can enjoy from the kids on up. If you’re not sure where to start, then here are five of the best things to do in Rochester, NY.thing to do in Rochester

Wine Tours

Finger Lakes Wine Country is indeed heaven on Earth. It offers a stretch of wine tastings, wineries, vineyard tours and so on as far as the eye can see. Of course, it doesn’t just stop with wine, there are also breweries and farmers markets along the trail which means that you’ll have plenty to do. Although, if all you’re interested in is the wine tasting then make sure to book your reservations ahead and take a fabulous wine tour. Don’t forget to get a look at the solar eclipse (with solar glasses on) as you look out over the vineyards with a wine glass in hand. It’ll be a day to remember.

Movie Time

A lesser known museum than the classic Smithsonian, the Eastman Museum is dedicated to the marvels of movie making. The former stately mansion of George Eastman, the museum is now the home of a new family of film and photography. It’s the perfect excursion for the slower times of the day. If you’re looking to kill some time with a movie, the Eastman Museum hosts film screenings of all kinds. It’s the perfect way to unwind before you go outside to view the solar eclipse.Thinks to do in Rochester

Watch a Play

If you’re tired of museums and botanical gardens, then go out for a night on the town at the local theatre. The Geva Theatre Center is open to all kinds. From plays to comedy specials and even music festivals, the Geva Theatre Center promises to offer something that the whole family can enjoy. So if you’re up for an evening of fun and escapism then check out the shows at the Geva Theatre Center.

Take an Art Class

The Memorial Art Gallery isn’t just a great collection of some of the world’s most famous artworks. It’s also a creative hub and workshop for aspiring artists and amateurs looking to kill some time. From kids classes to beginners adult classes, the Memorial Art Gallery offers lessons in all art forms. Take a course on jewelry making or oil painting and when you’re done, check out the Monet on the wall in the next room. It’s a great way to get inspiration for that perfect photo of the solar eclipse. Set up an easel on the sidewalk and recreate the eclipse while you’re at it. It’ll certainly be memorable.things to do in Rochester


Visit the Lions

Let’s be honest, looking at art on the wall can get a little boring after a few hours. Let’s face it, there’s only so much that a movie or a show can do. So stretch out those legs and take in the fresh air and some adorable animals at the zoo. It’s a classic to-do list item for any visitor, and it’s an affordable way to spend an afternoon. Plus, if you time it right, you can see the solar eclipse over one of the animal exhibits. Who knows? Maybe you can even get a classic Lion King shot while you’re at it?

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