5 Best Photo Spots in Erie, PA

November 26, 2018by Eclipse Gear0

Photo spots in Erie

Looking for the best locations to take great photos in Erie, Pennsylvania? Do you have a love for photography and also possess the talent of a great photographer? Erie is not only a beautiful, safe city to live and work in but is an enjoyable place because it has lovely sunsets and lakes. Nature has blessed Erie with scenic views and beauty that can make you stop and take pictures. Here are the 5 best photo spots in Erie, PA:

Presque Isle State Park

An obvious start to the list of best photo spots in Erie A park with beauty, such that it deserves to be in the top of the list. The park has an infinite number of places that are perfect for snapping some great pictures. The list of these spots is long, but beaches, lighthouse, Perry Monument and a sidewalk trail are some that add into the park’s attractiveness. The Presque Isle offers its visitors a beautiful coastline and activities that are not only recreational but also fun. These include boating, fishing, hiking, bicycling and in-line skating, etc.photo spots in Erie

The State Street

Erie, PA has one significant advantage. Locals and visitors can go from the woods and beaches into an urbanized environment in just 20 minutes. State Street is great for some street and fashion shots. It has vibrant colors in its environment which add refreshment to your photos, and you fall in love with the photogenic nature of the location. Furthermore, the State Street has just the right amount of city-chic look which prevents you from a lot of hassle.

Penn State Behrend

The Behrend fields offer great views and atmosphere for the capture of excellent, high-quality shots. Behrend is more than just a botanical garden and has a variety of trees on campus. These features make it a part of the top 5 photo spots in Erie. The Frontier Park Want a traditional park setting? The Frontier Park is the location you exactly wish for and need. By offering a traditional and cultural background for your photos, the park saves you from traveling to faraway places for good photography shots. The footbridges across the Cascade Creek at the park are a beautiful and great location for some bright sunny summer photos. It is this reason which leads the park into the list of best photo spots in Erie.Photo spots in Erie

Erie Bluffs State Park

Are you looking for cliffs that overlook the lake? If yes then Erie Bluffs is the place you need to go. Furthermore, the park is not only a great hiking location but also is more quiet and peaceful than Frontier Park or Presque Isle. With its amazing vistas that overlook the Lake Erie, the park can promise you some great photo shots.

Total Eclipse

On April 8, 2024, there will be a total eclipse of the Sun that will be visible in Erie.  Make your travel plans early to see this historic event.  Before you travel to Erie, be sure to stock up on solar glasses. You never know when someone you meet may not be as prepared for the event as you are.


These were our picks for the best 5 photo spots in Erie, PA. Where are your favorite photo spots in Erie? Erie is a beautiful city with vibrant colors and a sense of refreshment for its locals as well as its visitors. Have your camera ready for some great pictures while you pass these 5 photo spots in Erie!

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