5 Best Photo Spots in Durango, Mexico

November 27, 2018by Eclipse Gear0

Photo spots in Durango? Are you looking for the best locations to take photos in Durango, Mexico? Are you a photography-lover? Not only is the city of Durango an excellent place to live in and work in, but it also has beautiful places for you to snap great pictures in. For all those who love history, nature and photogenic views; Durango has a lot to offer so read on! Here are the 5 best photo spots in Durango, Mexico:

Ecological Park The Tecuan

The park is only 40 minutes away from the Durango capital and sits in the middle of mountains. If you are a nature lover, then this place is ideal for you. Visitors get to enjoy nature in the Tecuan and find it relaxing to be in the midst of a natural atmosphere. Furthermore, many outdoor activities can be carried out here, such as camping, biking, hiking, and fishing. The park generally has cool weather and hence do not forget to wear comfortable clothes when you go there.photo spots in Durango

The Historic Downtown

The historic Downtown of Durango is considered as one of the best photo spots. The downtown has one of the best architectures present in the city and Northern Mexico. At dusk time, a large part of the buildings here lights up which make it understandable for the Downtown to be a part of the best photo spots in Durango. The Downtown has beautiful photogenic monuments which you can have a look at while going through the pedestrian streets.

Mexiquillo- the best from the photo spots in Durango

The place sits in the midst of some coniferous forests and consists of these spectacular rocks that were formed millions of years ago. These rocks have a history of being created when the incandescent Magna covered the earth and wind-polished rocks. Not only that, the beauty of the spot is multiplied by the addition of the Mexiquillo waterfall. These falls are 20 meters high. The location hence is ideal for picnicking, biking, horseback riding and of course for taking great photos.photo spots in Durango

Nombre De Dios-

This small town is just 58 miles from Durango and is a beautiful place for you to capture some perfect photos. Nombre De Dios is one of the oldest destinations in the state and one that is famous among visitors and tourists. Many churches are beautifully built in this town. You will find great spots for pictures here so get your camera ready!

The Saltito

To the West of the Durango town, there is a small waterfall made from the waters of Mezquital River. The waterfall offers pleasant scenery which you take pictures off and also provides an excellent spot for camping. Once you visit the waterfall yourself, you will understand why it belongs in the best photo spots in Durango.
You were on a trail for the best photo spots in Durango, Mexico, we’ve shared with you our opinion on these photo spots in Durango; it is high time that you went and experience all the unique views Durango has to offer and take great pictures with your cameras!

Solar Eclipse

On April 8, 2024, a rare event will happen. That is the date of the total solar eclipse that will be visible in Durango. Why not plan to be there for this great event. Before you go, be sure to purchase plenty of solar eclipse glasses to you will be ready for that day.  You are sure to find others that don’t have the glasses but will need them.

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