5 Best Photo Spots in Austin, TX

November 28, 2018by Eclipse Gear0

Photo spots in Austin, TX

are you looking for the best locations to take photos in Austin? Do you have a love for photography? Not only is Austin a beautiful city to live, work and play in; it is a wonderful town to take photos in. For all of you who love history and architecture, beautiful rivers and waterfalls, nature and gardens; Austin has it all so read on! Here are the 5 best photo spots in Austin, TX:

The Texas State Capitol- From photo spots in Austin, TX you can’t afford to miss

With a massive structure made of pink, reddish granite, the capitol stands 14’ taller than the US Capitol. The Texas State Capitol is a very well-known place and is often photographed. No one’s going to mind if you are toting around a tripod- a place fun to explore and photograph.photo spots in Austin

The University of Texas Campus

When you’re visiting Austin, you must check out the picture worthy UT Campus. The campus has so many photographic spots that range from being iconic landmarks to pieces of inspiring art. The UT tower is one of the most recognized photo spots in the university- the tower is known to stand guard over the whole place.
Almost impossible to take a bad picture on the campus; the campus provides so many daring angles to snap great pictures. The UT campus is from those photo spots in Austin, TX that we know you won’t want to miss out on.

The Austin Skyline

Despite the continual changes, the Austin Skyline is a beautiful sight. The skyline is very pleasing to have a look at. The best place to photograph and capture this beautiful sight is the Lumar Street Bridge where the cars ride on. The site is a little tight, but you can always stand there with your tripod and capture the moments with the river flowing right next to it. Coming at nighttime adds a bonus to your pictures as you can snap the twinkling town lights that reflect in the water. No wonder why people rate it in the top of the photo spots in Austin, TX.

The Penyybacker Bridge/ Loop 360 Bridge

Being 20 minutes from the West of Downtown, the Loop 360 Bridge has a beautiful structure. Being one of the few iconic symbols of Austin, the bridge only seems to get more beautiful and prettier every time you’ll see it. If you’re a visitor, you might not come again and again, so the bridge allows you to take beautiful pictures. Climb the place near it that is all rocky, and you can get nice bird-view shots! All of this makes the Bridge from the top photo spots in Austin, TX.photo spots in Austin

Hamilton Pool-worthy of being in the list of best photo spots in Austin, TX

Being only 30-40 minutes away on a drive from Austin, it is a beautiful pool worth your time. The pool is a natural pool, which got created by the collapse of an underground river dome. Furthermore, the highlight of the pool is the 45-foot waterfall that emerges over the rim and crashes into the pool. This makes the view gorgeous. If I’m feeling all fired up just by typing these details, you should definitely plan to go there!

Solar Eclipse

No discussion about Austin would be complete without mentioning April 8, 2024. This is the day that the moon passes between the Sun and the Earth. Yes, this is a total solar eclipse. So be ready for the day with solar eclipse glasses. To be without these on this day could mean that you will miss one of the biggest cosmic events in years.

You were on a trail for the best photo spots in Austin, TX, we’ve given you our best rating; it is high time that you actually went and experience all the breathtaking beauty yourself and captures it in your cameras!

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